Custom-Built Laser System Enhances Medical Research

December 14, 2014

Custom-Built Laser System Enhances Medical Research

Istanbul, Turkey — At Bogacizi University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering Institute of Medical Research, a multi-axis machine featuring a 400W JK fiber laser (JK400FL) enables students to cut small, intricate devices such as stents and catheters.

The system, also capable of flat-cutting and welding, is custom-built by American company Precision Automated Laser Systems (PALS). “We worked closely with the university and JK Lasers to create a flexible, turnkey system that is cost-effective and compact,” but it also had to be safe and easy to use for the students who are not experienced laser users, said Richard Swindell, owner of PALS. “With this in mind, we created a user-friendly interface that incorporates JK Lasers’ intuitive FiberView software with our own GUI interface. This means students can easily view all the laser information, cutting process data and camera on one screen.”

To cut any length of tube of at least 0.5mm, students simply input the measurements, the laser parameters, and the required number of parts. The machine then laser-cuts programmed features utilizing tubing from 0.5-0.6mm in diameter at a feed rate of around 7.5mm per second.

Fiber lasers are a popular choice for precision cutting intricate medical devices. Their high beam quality and small focused spot sizes create dross-free cuts with a minimal heat affected zone.

JK Lasers, based in the UK, manufacturers industrial lasers for the medical device, aerospace, automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries. Visit for more information. PALS has supplied laser cutting and welding systems to companies around the world for over 40 years; for more information, visit


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